Palma Brozzetti


Watching Winter, Schroon Lake, NY
Green Tomatoes
Medicine Bow National Park, Wyoming

Palma is an intuitive and versatile photographer of 40 years working with alternative, traditional and digital methods. Her childhood and adult experiences are rich in music training, theater and art. She has a BS in elementary education and is certified in graphic art.

In 1983 she was gifted a camera. She joined a camera club and learned darkroom basics from professionals, teachers and artists there. She worked events, editorial, photojournalism, commercial, portraits, exhibits, and created negatives for the local museum and historical society. In 1994 she received a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts to create an audio-visual presentation of the community in support of the camera club.

In 1995 she moved to MD and opened a main street studio, obtained clients and joined The Artists’ Gallery, a cooperative maintained by professional artists. She was President of the Frederick Camera Clique in 1997.

Palma has curated and juried exhibits, volunteered at art centers and has exhibited at museums, galleries, art spaces and alternative venues in MD, MA, FL, DE, NY.

“I enjoy learning by experience; attending workshops, teaching, giving and receiving critiques and by reading, reading, reading, But always, the most important learning is through experience

”When viewing an image I ask, ‘How can this be made better?". There is always room for improvement. It‘s a challenge and that’s why I love photography. A situation is never the same twice. Flexibility is important to being able to work with what you have.

“Photography allows the expression of all art within one medium; rhythm is composition, light is an ever-changing performance. Just as words can describe a visual encounter, a photograph is a visual capture of all language."

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Rainy Autumn Day
Riverscape, Schroon River, NY
Pano of Spires, Frederick MD