John Anello, wood turning

Melissa Barry, painter

Susan Beadle, painter

Seddon Beaty, ceramics

Bruce Beurerlein

Palma Brozzetti, photography

Marie Claro Castano, jewelry

Jack Collins

Jerry Cooper, potter

Susan Culver Darrin. painter

Stephen Mutsugoroh DiCerbo, illustrator, fine artist, printmaker

Merribeth Elling, painter

Fred Holman, painter

Betsy Krebs, painter

Jim O'Toole, painter

Edie Ostrowsky, painter

Robert Powell

Joan Pulling, painter

Laurie Sapakoff, ceramics

Crispin Shakeshaft, furniture

Vicki Stewart

Maureen Streeter

Sandy Swanson, jewelry, glass etching

Larry Vanderburgh, painter

Michelle Vara, sculpture

Jerry Wein, photography

Jan Whitaker, painter

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