Ticonderoga Arts

Ti Arts: We tie arts & community together.

119 Montcalm St., Ticonderoga NY

Painting the La Chute River, Plein Air 2017

Photo: Painting a bridge on the La Chute River, one of the many beautiful sites in Ticonderoga, during Ti Arts' annual Plein Air event, September 2017.

With a dream and a vision, a small group of artists and supporters established Ticonderoga Arts, Inc in 2008. Today, we have evolved into a full-fledged arts organization with a gallery.

Ti Arts' Downtown Gallery at 119 Montcalm St., Ticonderoga, NY is open year-round Thursday-Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM, except holidays. From June-September, we are also open on Wednesday. In this time of Covid and the Delta variant, wearing a facemask is required of everyone who is in the gallery.

We invite you to stop in and discover the work of local artists in a continually expanding variety of media including painting, photography, pottery, wood, textiles, and jewelry on exhibit and for sale. Also, we offer or provide space for arts and cultural events, most of them free, throughout the year.

For the latest news and information and images of artists' works, visit Ti Arts and Ti Arts: Downtown Gallery on Facebook.