Cover painting, Ti, by Drayton Jones, promo winner of the 9th Annual Harvest En Plein Air, 2022.


Welcome to Ti Arts! We invite you to discover the work of local artists in a continually expanding variety of media including painting, photography, pottery, wood, textiles, print making, sculpture and jewelry on exhibit and for sale. We offer or provide space for arts and cultural events, most of them free, throughout the year. We Tie Arts & Community Together.

September - October

Jerry Wein has been taking pictures for more than 50 years. He is a storyteller whose subjects include both natural and built environments and phenomena, a diverse mix of people, places and things. He is a multiple award winning exhibitor, recently awarded First Prize, Best in Show, in the 2020 New York State Summer Arts Show at the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts.

“My subject interests are broad and my work is opportunistic. I look for good stories to tell from my daily experience of the people, places and things that I encounter. My goal is to visualize and capture enough context to allow the viewer to envision the background of a story and possible outcomes, based on a single frame."

" I’m successful when I’m seeing well – finding the story that may be hidden from a casual glance. I want my photographs to show the viewer something they may not have seen had they been present at the point of capture.” - Jerry Wein

"Why take a photo? Much goes unnoticed or unsaid of a passing instance but when captured, just one image should describe the instance worthy of 1000 words." -Palma Brozzetti

For Palma, photography has been a lifestyle for over 35 years. Her life experiences are rich in music, theater and art. She has curated and juried exhibits, volunteered at art centers and has exhibited at museums, galleries, art spaces and alternative venues in MD, MA, FL, DE, NY. She has developed an intuitive and versatile style, working with alternative, traditional and digital methods.

“Photography captures the expression of all art within one medium; rhythm is composition, light is an ever-changing performance and even though words can describe a visual encounter, a photograph is a visual capture in all languages."