Harvest to Table: Reflections in Art

Call for Entry for Ti Arts' Show That Benefits Local Food Pantry

Image of Harvest to Table flyer
You are invited to participate in a show at the Ti Arts Downtown Gallery entitled, "Harvest to Table: Reflections in Art," a benefit for the Ticonderoga area's food pantry. It is scheduled to run from April 22-May 22, 2021 (updated schedule as of 1/14/2021). Our gallery will donate its full 30% share of the sales of art from this show to the pantry. Download and read at the bottom of this page the "Call for Entry" document (PDF format) for more details and requirements. Also, please bring a non-perishable food or toiletry item for the food pantry.
Concept of the Show:
We may not be able to all gather together to share a meal right now, but we can gather our efforts as a community to bring meals to others in need. We can do this in a tradition that is centuries old. Food has always played a significant part in our social and cultural lifestyles. From the Lascaux cave paintings in France, to da Vinci’s 15th-century “Last Supper” and the 17th century when the Dutch perfected the art of still life painting, to Norman Rockwell's depiction of a Thanksgiving dinner in the 1940s ("Freedom from Want") and Andy Warhol's iconic Campbell soup cans in the 1960s, food has been depicted in art. Pre-historic ceramic pots used for cooking have been found in China, Japan, and Russia.
The show will be about food from any point of view. Paint a still life, a harvest scene, an orchard, a restaurant, or a farmer’s market. Fashion a necklace or other jewelry using seeds or nuts. Make a table setting or any vessel used for food or drink -- bowls, pitchers, platters, cups, baskets -- using any medium. Create fruit or vegetables out of wood, clay, or paper mache. Weave a table cloth, napkins or table runner. Use mismatched silverware to build a mobile. You are limited only by your imagination….

Information and Guidelines

  • The show will run from April 22-May 22, 2021.
  • The delivery dates are April 20 & 21, 11 am- 4 pm.
  • Pick up dates: May 22 & 26, 11 am-4 pm.
  • The number of pieces (3-5) is negotiable depending on the type and size of the art and the number of participants.
  • Artists will receive 70% of sales; 30% will go to the Ticonderoga Food Pantry.
  • Artists will submit an inventory list with name, address, email, name of the piece(s), medium and price, and a label for each piece. Download the label (PDF) at the bottom of this page.
  • All art should be self-insured.
  • Invite other artists you think might be interested.
  • The gallery contact email address for this show is seddon@thejbeatys.com
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Jan 14, 2021, 12:33 PM
Nancy Carter,
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