Ti Arts

Joan Pulling Ti Arts board member and artist painting on a canvas with oils.
With a dream and a vision, a small group of artists and supporters established Ticonderoga Arts, Inc in 2008. In June 2014, the Downtown Gallery in Ticonderoga joined Ti Arts.

Today,  we have evolved into a full-fledged arts organization with two well-dressed galleries.  One,  in historic and handsome Hancock House on the circle, is open seasonally from June until just before Christmas.  The Downtown Gallery at 119 Montcalm Street, Ticonderoga is open year around.

For the latest news and information, visit Ti Arts and Ti Arts: Downtown Gallery on Facebook. Arts and cultural events, most of them free, are offered by Ti Arts and/or at one of our galleries year around.

Joan Pulling, one of Ti Arts' talented artists demonstrates oil painting in  Ti Arts' gallery @ Hancock House.   Photo credit: Tonya Whitford Condon.

Ti Arts: We tie arts & community together.
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